Visit: Chester (for the squirrels)

Hello – B here

Last week I paid my first visit to Chester

I love visiting new places and just having a wander – you never know what you might happen across

Things to do in Chester…

  • Spend half an hour in Grosvenor Park snapping squirrels – I couldn’t believe how friendly they were – one even put it’s front paws on my leg (much to my surprise)
  • Have breakfast at Cafe Fude – posh poached eggs and coffee get the big thumbs up (still sneaked some ketchup onto the plate though…)
  • Visit Becniks Wonder Emporium – now in my top 5 favourite shops – really quality vintage clothes, accessories, furniture, houseware, vinyl – and a great cuppa
  • Trawl the charity shops – came across some great finds – including a pair of vintage Jaeger deep purple velvet cropped trousers (enough description?) for just £10 – if only I had a 23 inch waist!
  • Have a drink/meal at Telford’s Warehouse Bar in the evening – great atmosphere, great decor, great big portions of winter nosh
  • Drive across the border to Wales – just because you can

A short photo tour


One thought on “Visit: Chester (for the squirrels)

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