Make: Teacup Candles

Hello, B here

I was extremely crafty over last weekend making more cards, Christmas decorations and gifts

This was mainly accompanied with wearing pyjamas and listening to 6 Music – plus tea, lots of tea

With so many Christmas markets and fairs at the moment, I’m finding inspiration everywhere

(Although I do feel a little guilty taking a close-up look at something with no intention of buying – just to see how they made it!)

I’ve never attempted candles before, but think the teacup varieties popping up all over the place are super cute

The recipe

To make things easy, I bought a candle set from Endless Green ebay shop which included 1kg of eco wax, a length of wick, wick pins, sustainers, dye and sticky dots

The teacups came from charity shops – a couple in Norwich and a couple in Chester

To make…

  • Fill the teacup with water to the level you want the candle to reach – pour this into a measuring jug – ml = g – so 150ml of water, means you should use 150g of wax
  • Place the wax in a metal bowl or saucepan, inside another saucepan full of water, on a hob (very important, as wax can burst into flames if it gets too hot!)
  • Add dye (if using) once the wax has melted
  • Cut the wick to it is around 5cm longer than the depth of your cup
  • Dip the wick into the melted wax and hold taught while it hardens
  • Push the end of the wick through a metal sustainer and crimp the end (ideally with pliers, but I used scissors)
  • Use the wick pins to hold the wick straight (didn’t work for my wider cups, so I fashioned my own system using a banana, sellotape and the microwave – creative!)
  • Use a sticky dot to fix the sustainer to the bottom of the cup
  • Pour in the melted wax
  • Leave to set (and don’t light for a good 24 hours!)

Things I learnt

  • The sticky dots aren’t as sticky as I’d like – keeping the wick down can be tricky
  • A little dye goes a long way
  • My candles cracked a little – I think next time I’ll add half the wax, let it begin to set, and then add the rest
  • Although eco wax is a little friendlier than some, it’s still not the easier thing to scrub off saucepans
  • Making presents is deeply satisfying
Maybe I’ll try a teapot next time

Have you got any candle making tips? Or ideas for Christmas present makes?


2 thoughts on “Make: Teacup Candles

  1. Clare says:

    Hi! That looks great! I haven’t had a candle making set since I was about ten, but you’ve inspired me to get back to making them. And I have a couple of old chipped teacups that I could use! Thanks – great idea!!

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