Make: Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar

A very quick post for you today

Possibly the simplest foodie present going – all you need is sugar, vanilla pods and jars


I got my ceramic topped jars from a lovely vintage-style home store in Chester (although I strangely saw similar ones in John Lewis craft department)

After temporarily removing the rubber seals, I sterilised the jars by washing them in hot soapy water and then drying them in the oven (pre-heated on 140c)

Once dried, I simply added golden caster sugar and stuck half a vanilla pod in each jar

You can then use string, ribbon and bells to finish off the look


And the best bit is, it’s the gift that keeps on giving – as the sugar is used, fresh stuff can be added and the pods should be good for a year

Am going to keep a jar back for myself to try out in hot drinks, baking and on toast (an American blog idea!)


Baking Beasties

I was going to make Christmas biscuits this evening, but it seems I have an infestation of tiny bugs in my baking cupboard!

Not sure what they are… but they’ve taken out four bags of flour so far… and I feel itchy just thinking about them

Any ideas on the best way to proceed?


One thought on “Make: Vanilla Sugar

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