Click: Street Art

I always think there’s a line – although probably a highly subjective one – between street art and vandalism

Street Art Utopia collects together street art from all over the world and have done a 2011 ‘best of’ list

Some I think is amazing… some is really not my thing

Here’s some more of my favourites…

The last image is one of Slinkachu’s Little People street pieces – which I think are just wonderful

I love the idea you could pass one on the street without noticing, but how much would it make your day if you did happen to see one

Last year I trekked across to The Andipa Gallery in Knightbridge to see some of the prints first hand… but completely wimped out when I got there… a complete fail

Final thoughts

One of the works included in the best of 2011 was by Blu – which reminded me of an absolutely amazing film

I first saw this when it was playing on loop in the Broadway Cinema Cafe in Nottingham a few years ago

And found it incredible hard not to be distracted away from my conversation

Enjoy (but maybe not with an easily disturbed child)


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