Watch: Docs in the city

I spent most of last weekend enjoying the second Leicester DocFilm Festival

Held at Phoenix Square, the event offered a diverse programme of shorts and features across three days – and I was determined to watch as much as possible

What actually happened was a healthy mix of viewing, chatting and drinking tea

All together very inspiring

Blood in the Mobile

Of the full-length films I watched, the one which has stayed with me the most is Blood in the Mobile (see trailer above)

The claustrophobic footage of boys illegally mining for minerals in the DR Congo, was truly shocking

The film puts across the overwhelming problem of controlling where the materials to make many of our electronics come from – at the cost of human suffering

The main message is targeted at international manufacturers – but I couldn’t help but feel guilty as I left the cinema and promptly checked my phone for messages

We’re all in this together

Silent City

Alongside the national and international screenings, was plenty of work from local filmmakers

This short by Keith Allott displays a wonderful combination of striking shots of Leicester by night, twinned with an almost overwhelmingly large sound…


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