Bake: Herman – Day One

Today I spent a good 20 minutes knelt on the floor of my kitchen staring into two food containers

Why? Because I thought I’d killed Herman

Who’s Herman?

Good question – Herman is a German friendship cake

Earlier I popped into work for a meeting and was greeted with: “Can you move Herman off your desk, he’s beginning to smell”

I skipped upstairs to find two containers full of yeasty bubbles waiting for me and some photocopied instructions

Yeasty bubbles that would (could) one day grow up to be a sourdough cake!

The bad news? By the time I returned home, cycling for a rather cold 15 minutes, the bubbles were gone

Hence the kneeling and staring (I figured he’d like the underfloor heating)

The good news? Herman lives!

Now I just have another 9 days to go – stirring him occasionally, feeding him when he requires it – until the time comes when he’s ready to bake

But not before I section off a little of Herman, so I can pass him on to some other lucky baker

Whether Herman strengthens friendships or not remains to be seen…


You get me and take the lid off

Please put me in a non-metallic bowl and cover loosely with a tea towel

(You can find out more about Herman cakes in this Guardian article)

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2 thoughts on “Bake: Herman – Day One

  1. Bridget says:

    Well this looks interesting….herman, nice to meet you! BTW Is herman well behaved? shlould I have one?

  2. makedospend says:

    He gave you a little wave (well, a bubble)

    You should absolutely have one… in fact I still have two bowls of him at the moment… would you like the other? B

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