Visit: Brighton

It was my first ever visit to Brighton yesterday

People have been urging me to go for ages – convinced I’d absolutely love it

And now I know why

I could’ve spent days in some of the “junk” shops there – just looking at everything

Vintage clothes, furniture, ornaments, vinyl – lots of vinyl

To do list

We were there for just a few short hours, but I can still recommend…

  • Eating an amazing gooey triple-chocolate brownie at Marwood Coffee Shop – it’s a really quirky little place, decked out with interesting bits and bobs
  • Have some yummy vegetarian grub at Iydea – just choose your main dish, then add whatever sides you’d desire – I’d eat here all the time if there was one in Leicester
  • Absolutely visit Snoopers Paradise – it is just that – a flea market of over 90 stalls under one roof absolutely full of everything amazing – so many objects of desire – has made it into my top 5 shops list

Here’s an interesting short film I found online, which gives you a taste of Snoopers Paradise…

And a few snaps from my day in Brighton…

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6 thoughts on “Visit: Brighton

  1. dapperdolly says:

    I also love Brighton for it’s unique shops and bohemian atmosphere, they also have a lot of veggie/vegan eateries in such a small place which is helpful!

  2. Clare says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Brighton. If I ever do I think I’ll have to do all three items on your to-do list. Sounds like a lovely day trip!

  3. Laura says:

    Looking at booking a trip to Brighton soon – i must go to Snoopers Paradise!

  4. paperbagblog says:

    Aww I’m glad you loved Brighton! Iydea is my favourite cafe x

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