Travel: Thoughts on trains

Loughborough Railway Station (in 2010 - before the changes!)

As a general rule, train travel is one of my favourite ways to get around

(So long as the train’s not super-packed, breaks down, or I forget my railcard and have to pay a huge fine)

I like having the time to read a book, listen to music and occasionally strike up conversation with a stranger

Such as the Tim/Jeff Buckley fan who started chatting to me about the autobiography I was reading – 90 minutes of music chat later and at the end of the line we both seemed a little unsure of the proper way to part company and continue our separate lives

Five minutes later, the same book prompted another spontaneous conversation on the tube

A good day

(It makes me wonder if I should be the one to provoke this interaction a little more – I always smile at strangers, inviting them to speak – but worry about annoying them if they just want time alone)

And sometimes what’s great about strangers on the train, is what goes unsaid

I love it when something amusing happens – such as an overly zealous announcement from a train manager – and for a moment you catch someone’s eye, share smiles and KNOW they’re thinking exactly the same as you

Changing track

On board at Indie Tracks 2011

Last year my love of trains took an unexpected diversion (very much like this post)

Indietracks is an annual music festival held at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire

Steam trains and indie music – it’s a winning formula

Especially when you take the genius step of putting the music INSIDE the train

Even when it’s one of the hottest days of the year and there’s only a tiny window and about 60 people crammed into pretty small storage space

Back to the point

Train to Sheffield

So why this sudden outpouring of train love?

Well, today I travelled to Manchester for work

On the way home I ran from the tram to catch the waiting train to Sheffield, and was surprised to find that it was rather rustic in design – more like a bus than a train

Turns out, it was the wrong train to Sheffield – rather than the expected 48 mins, this local line was going to take 1 hour and 20 mins

So with the safety net of an open return, I sat back, enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine pouring through the windows and simply watched the scenery go by

Lots of beautiful Peak District landscape, pretty cottages I’d like to live in and a surprising number of people with trampolines in their back gardens

No iPod, no laptop, not even a book


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3 thoughts on “Travel: Thoughts on trains

  1. I love this post. Trains are my favourite way to travel, too – my mother, sister and I used to travel by train to see our relatives every holidays and I have such fond memories of them. I love being able to gaze out the window and zone out for a couple of hours.

  2. makedospend says:

    Thanks Sarah – yes, it’s nice to find a seat, settle down and daydream. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the journey as part of the holiday.

    I’d be interested to try a sleeper train – just for the experience (even if it would involve travelling further down south, just to travel up north again!)


  3. […] written about her love for train travel on the blog before – but there’s something particularly magical about travelling by […]

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