Grow: Your own

Its Time I introduced you to Terrance, my Garden Gnome.

Terrance has wintered well, apart from some interference from the neighbour’s cat when it snowed (without going into too much detail, we had to hose him down). And with the arrival of spring both Terrance and I are getting excited, probably a little too excited, about sowing this years crop.

The problem is I’m really rubbish at growing things, I’d like my garden to be filled with edible delights but I have a very low success rate with vegetables. They take so long to grow and I’m too enthusiastic at the start and loose patience by the end. Hurry Up!!!! Then there’s the bugs, the slugs and the snails to contend with. Fortunately Terrance is an expert, only problem is he can’t speak, he just looks on in disapproval. Well here we are at the beginning of the season and nothing will deter my enthusiasm. My mother, and Terrance (if he could speak) have told me to wait to sew my seeds as there is still a chance of frost. Too late, I couldn’t wait and have already planted last weekend my seed potatoes, raspberries and chinese lanterns.

This weekend I’m planning to plant seeds for climbing nasturtium, a couple of giant sunflowers, courgettes, chilli, cucumber and borage (for late summer gin and tonics!) and the herb garde., This is Terrance’s favourite place in the garden, he likes mint (because cat’s don’t like it!) and he likes thyme, parsley, rosemary and fennel.

I both love and loath visiting the garden centre, bright colours and textures abound and I’m left feeling slightly embarrassed at my futile efforts to grow even the simplest of produce, but I’m hopeful with a little time and practice I’ll improve and I’ll be documenting my efforts here, hopefully, if there is anything to show!

First success story of the year…The Violas we planted last October have grown! As beautiful as they look in the garden they look even more splendid in my salad bowl.

Do you have any tips and guidance on how to grow things?

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6 thoughts on “Grow: Your own

  1. I have no gardening advice. I have managed to successfully kill every plant I’ve ever owned except for one hardy chrysanthemum which is soldiering on, despite the cats eating any and all of the leaves they can reach.

    Good luck with your growing! I’m excited for you.

  2. ganching says:

    Good luck. I had no luck with vegetables last year. Was very excited a couple of weeks ago though when I spotted that the rhubarb I planted last year is coming up again and looking a great deal healthier than last year.

    Lovely blog btw.

    • makedospend says:

      Thank you for your words of encouragement! Rhubarb sounds very exciting, I did read somewhere that it takes some time to establish itself, I’m making a rhubarb crumble for lunch today-shop bought rather than home grown unfortunately!

  3. growing is so much fun, :) i grow drought tolerant hardy plants so that even if i forget to water them (95% of the time) they still grow. I love growing broad beans; compact, lot of produce, they add nitrogen to the soil, and easy to look after. The seeds should come from a good source though, like in Australia you’ve got digger’s club which specialize in heirloom seeds (normal garden store seeds might develop bean rust) and don’t forget to soak the bean seeds in water for 24 hours before planting. :)

    • makedospend says:

      Thank you, this is excellent advice, broad beans are one of my favourites, I expected them to be tricky to grow though and thought i’d wait a year or two before I gave them a bash, I think i’ll try them a bit sooner now!

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