Eat: New York

Whenever I visit a new place on holiday I always trawl other blogs to find recommendations for things to do, see and eat

So having just returned from New York, I figured it was my turn to share a bit of the love – starting, as always, with food

We ate at loads of great places (I could create a whole new blog in dedication to the subject) but here’s a few tasty highlights…

Amy’s Bread

Sticky bun at Amy's Bread, Chelsea Market, New York

We we very fortunate to have the fabulous Chelsea Market on our doorstep

The indoor concourse offered plenty of tasty looking places to eat, and we tried a few with success, but the stand out was Amy’s Bread

Breakfast delights included sticky buns, chocolate twists, hot cross buns and flaky croissants – all baked on site

We also ate at their The Village cafe – and there’s another one to visit in Hell’s Kitchen

Magnolia Bakery

You’re sure to have heard of this place – Magnolia Bakery is famous for it’s cupcakes

On Saturday afternoon there was a queue of people waiting outside the original Bleeker Street store

We had no such issue when we stopped by the Rockerfeller Centre outlet late one Friday evening

A huge slice of German chocolate cake (with incredibly gooey coconut and pecan filling) was happily shared between two

Sweet and filling enough to prevent a return visit, but highly recommended


Eataly, New York

New York is full of places that prove to be a complete surprise – Eataly was one of these

We just wandered in off the street, hoping to grab a quick snack in what appeared to be a small deli, and found what is essentially a huge indoor market celebrating top quality Italian produce

Among the fresh meat, veg, fruit, breads… was little places to buy food and drink to consume – wherever you could find a spare surface to sit at, stand by or lean on

Quality comes with a price of course – $20 for a glass of red wine and a mineral water

You’ll find entrances on 5th Avenue and 23rd Street

Shake Shack

Hot dog at Shake Shack, Brooklyn

I’m not usually someone who enjoys fast food, at all

But at some point while visiting NYC eating hotdogs is a must – and having walked across Brooklyn Bridge we were instantly drawn to Shake Shack

One heavily laden sausage, a portion of fries and a truly superb milkshake later (who’d have thought root beer would work so well?!) – hooked

We visited another branch later in the week, but nothing will compare to that first taste

(To make me feel better – they seem to use pretty decent ingredients and have a few green credentials thrown in too)

John’s Pizza

Pizza from John's on Bleeker Street, New York

Pizza also has to be done in New York

And the best we had came from John’s Pizza on Bleeker Street – a recommendation that came from two lovely local ladies we bumped into while gazing at a photography exhibition in MoMA

As they warned us, when we arrived at the restaurant early on Thursday evening there was already a line of people queueing out the door

Luckily it was only a 15 minute wait for a takeaway – so we rushed back to our hotel to enjoy a 14 inch sausage, pepper and olive creation

Still great, despite being a little cool by then

And the perfect pre-gig fuel

Kava Cafe

And if you take only one tip from this post, let it be this…

Have a large latte from Kava Cafe on Washington Street

Even if you have to travel from the other side of Manhatten to get there, through pouring rain – I promise you won’t regret it

Do you have any favourite NY eateries? Do share!

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