Do: Black and white

I put a black and white film in my SLR camera on the 28th January. It’s been a hard slog using up this film and I only got it finished and developed this week! I find it harder to think in black and white, there is so much more to consider when composing a shot. Shapes, tones, textures, shadows and highlights. Having waited three months to work my way through the film I cheated and Plastic magpie camera club did the processing for me. I’d hoped, as I always do when waiting for a film to come back, for outstanding results. These are ok, i don’t think i’d have taken the same shots in colour and there’s an added sense of drama to the otherwise mundane. I feel i’ve learnt some valuable lessons, and I’m safely back to colour film now!

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4 thoughts on “Do: Black and white

  1. platformpieces says:

    Kentmere 400005 is the best, really lovely actually. Nice one!

    • makedospend says:

      Thank you! Yes I think using a good film helped the end result! I’ll be using Kentmere again I think

  2. Debra says:

    Be careful. Shooting in black and white can become addictive!

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