snap: Recent observations


Time is passing too quickly.

Suddenly it’s the middle of May and the last few weeks/months have passed in a blur. Fortunately my Olympus and I have found a little time explore and observe.

I wish i could have recorded more film images from the last month, but i’m glad to have captured just a few moments that made me smile.


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13 thoughts on “snap: Recent observations

  1. This photos are gorgeous! What camera are u using?

    • makedospend says:

      Thank you!
      I Use my Dad’s olympus OM1, he bought it back in the 70’s, it’s older than me!

  2. beautiful – thanks for sharing your talent

  3. mixmakegrow says:

    great pictures! love your blog :)

  4. bjbieg says:

    Fantastic photos. I like the fact that you’re using an Olympus camera. They are great. I’ve got one too..

  5. C.D. says:

    Gorgeous photos! Love the colors and the atmosphere!
    Artphalt (

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