Make: Displaying photos

During my spring tidy (and a mini rummage at my parents house) I’ve added a number of old photos, postcards and other bits and bobs to my collection of ‘things I’d like to have out on display’

And I’m trying not to simply just shove them all in a multiple frames…

A – because it involves finding the right sized frame

B – because it ain’t that cheap

C – because it involves finding someone who can actually hang them

So here’s some things I’ve tried so far…


ONE: Another way to recycle jars – this is a cute snap of my Dad when he was little

TWO: I simply hung up some wool between the top cupboards in my kitchen, and used some cute heart clips I found in John Lewis to attach various pretty things – and the great thing is, I can swap them round as and when I feel like it

THREE: I quite like just propping up photos and interesting books around the house – I love these Soda Stream bottles – I picked them up in charity shop for just £2.25 a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve had pride of place on my kitchen windowsill ever since

What d’you think? Do you have any other suggestions? I’d be most grateful to hear them!

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8 thoughts on “Make: Displaying photos

  1. Very innovative ideas. I make photo collages on publisher. Very easy to do and effective.

    • makedospend says:

      Thanks Hannah!

      That’s a good idea – I have so many digital snaps I keep meaning to get printed


  2. alice4siblings says:

    Good ideas. I love the one with the jar. :)

  3. C.D. says:

    Nice ideas! Thank you for sharing them,
    Artphalt (

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