Make: Colourful Ice cubes

Enjoying the sunshine?

Feeling the heat?

The current heatwave in the UK means its HOT HOT HOT! Its brilliant……but its important to keep your fluids up when in this heat, particularly if youre not accustomed to it!

This is a quick (ish) way to cool down in the heatwave and add colour to your chosen chilled beverage.

Step one

Source some small delicious edible treats that will fit neatly into your ice cube tray. I chose raspberrys, blackberrys, cucumber slices and violas from my garden. Any fresh fruit or berries would work well, lemon or lime wedges would be ideal!

Step two

Insert these into your ice cube tray

Step Three

Submerse you’re edible treats in water and insert into your freezer for 8-10 hours or so………………

Step 4 

Once you’re satisfied your ice cubes are thoroughly frozen pop them out and add to your favourite beverage

Cucumber ice cubes = hendricks and tonic on a friday night as a well deserved treat after a long week.

As for the other flavoured ice cubes? Well they will be just perfect with my Jubillee pink lemonade………………..Recipe to follow!

How are you keeping cool in the heat wave?

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8 thoughts on “Make: Colourful Ice cubes

  1. adorable – especially like the pansies

  2. makedospend says:

    thank you, the sun is out again today so i’m going to need to make some more!

  3. mixmakegrow says:

    I love this idea! So many ways to do this and perfect for summer cocktails :)

    • makedospend says:

      yes perfect for cocktails, and the possibilities are endless, i’m about to try a mint batch…………..

  4. such fun! i’ve heard that pouring boiling water into your ice-cube trays results in crystal-clear ice-cubes — maybe something to try to showcase the lovely flowers and berries even better? (:

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