Visit: Chelsea Flower Show

Today teams of gardeners have been busily dismantling, packing up, and heading home…

But wind back to last Wednesday – and I spent a lovely sunny day at Chelsea Flower Show with my mum

It really felt like a quintessential British summer day – picnics in the grass, opera in the bandstand and lots of beautiful gardens

All in all, an excellent day out – even if, like me, you can pretty much only identify tulips and roses

I had a few issue with my film cameras in the morning, so in the end just stuffed my compact digital in my bag and set off down to London

Here’s a few digital highlights… (with descriptions below if you have the energy to read them!)

1 – First visit was to the Rainbows Hospice garden, which my friend Ady had helped build – I especially liked these leaves (I’m rubbish at plant names!) which looked liked a river running through the centre of the garden  – Bridget from Thinking of the Days has more photos

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – Inside the Great Pavilion there were some really stunning displays by growers who specialise in certain species – including a bonsai tree that had been knocking around since 1910!

7, 8, 9 – Most of the show gardens can only be viewed by peering over the heads of other people or waiting patiently to shuffle your way to the edge of the boarders (unless you’re a celeb) – but two people at a time were allowed to explore the ‘Quiet Time’garden designed by Jihae Hwang – it’s intended to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean conflict – with clever use of the leftovers from warfare – soldiers’ buttons, bullet cases, abandoned posessions

10 – Another striking show garden was Diarmuid Gavin’s giant pyramid – you might have seem some amazing photos of the Chelsea pensioners stacked up in it – although they weren’t there when we saw it (might be a bit cruel to make them stand in the heat all day!) it was an interesting addition to the show, probably best enjoyed from a distance…

11 – … as you can see here! There was a definite Jubilee vibe going on throughout the show

12 – I think I was the biggest fan of the gardens that looked the most natural – including this Artisan Garden – Satoyama Life

13, 14 – Lots of stalls selling loving garden accessories (plus tasty – if pricey – food)

15 – A collection of designers were asked to design a chill-out garden room by RHS – I was rather taken by this bike outside Orla Kiely’s design

Did you go to Chelsea? What was your favourite garden?

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2 thoughts on “Visit: Chelsea Flower Show

  1. mixmakegrow says:

    Gorgeous flowers and great pictures!

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