Do: have a splendid Diamond Jubilee!

E and B prepare for the Jubilee picnic

Happy Diamond Jubilee to the Queen and her country!

We hope you’ve been enjoying an extended weekend of food, friends and festivities

Yesterday we celebrated in style with cucumber, cake and gin

We’ll bring you a full post of photos soon – but today we’re too busy eating leftovers, drinking tea and recovering from the gin!

(Photo of us expertly taken by Matt Horan)

How did you celebrate? Any food triumphs or disasters? (Obviously everything went swimmingly here… no jelly on our kitchen floor…)

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2 thoughts on “Do: have a splendid Diamond Jubilee!

  1. PJ Girl says:

    I haven’t had cucumber sandwiches for years! We had egg & cress and such like :-)
    We enjoyed our day too… overdid the Pimms a little but certainly had my quota of 5-a-day in fruit! Looking forward to more news of your weekend!

  2. makedospend says:

    I too am quite partal to an good glass of pimms! complete with borage, fresh fruit and cucumber! (though I cant speak for B!) Sounds like you had a great party :-) Just a shame its back to work tomorrow :-( !

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