Snap: This time last week

Diamond Jubilee banner

This time last week we were all feeling a little full, a little merry and a little worn out…

Because, of course, we’d be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

E and myself are still yet to develop our snaps from the day (and also may have been enjoying ourselves a little too much to take many photos in the first place…)

Luckily our good friend and fellow blogger Matt Horan has been much more proactive all round

Summer Pudding Cake (photo: Matt Horan)

Veggie Jubilee Scotch Eggs (photo: Matt Horan)

Lava Flow Cocktails (photo: Matt Horan)

You can see Matt’s full Jubilee picnic post on his blog (he also does weddings, don’t cha know!)

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2 thoughts on “Snap: This time last week

  1. PJ Girl says:

    What lovely food and photographs! Not heard of Lava Flow cocktails before – they look like the perfect Summer drink!

  2. makedospend says:

    They really are delicious!

    Matt got the recipe from here (and made it extra coconutty with coconut rum!) –

    – B

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