Design: Kay van-Bellen

One of the artists displaying work at the Secret Garden Party on Sunday was Kay van-Bellen

Originally from Yorkshire, Kay is now based in the East Midlands with her family and lectures at Nottingham Trent University

Kay van-Bellen - Grrr

I was instantly attracted to her quirky illustrations – who are these people, and why are they doing what they’re doing?

There’s almost a sinister undertone to some of her screen prints – but they remain enchanting and amusing nonetheless

Badges by Kay van-Bellen

Kay’s illustrations seemed very familiar, which it turns out is unsurprising

Her work is available in many a museum shop and she’s done commissions for a number of big brands, including Converse, Boots and Pizza Express

Loving stationary as I do, I originally intended to buy one of her printed notebooks… until Kay revealed she had some screen prints of the original artwork with her

So, I ended up with the artwork for journal four… minus the actual journal bit (at least I won’t have the agony of deciding what to write on that first fresh page!)

Journal Four by Kay van-Bellen

Now I just need to decide the best place to display it (I think it might get a bit soggy in the garden)

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2 thoughts on “Design: Kay van-Bellen

  1. Pink Ninjabi says:

    Gorgeous! Love it! :D Thank you for sharing!


  2. […] independent shop opened in 2010, and offers a quality selection of prints (including some by Kay van Bellen!), homeware, books and other objects of […]

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