Letterpress: SORT

While holidaying in Norfolk last week I paid a visit to the village of Holt

Although small, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon – with a decent number of antique and vintage shops, plenty of great food, and a steam railway

And since my last visit, an exciting addition – Nixey and Godfrey

This independent shop opened in 2010, and offers a quality selection of prints (including some by Kay van Bellen!), homeware, books and other objects of desire

Letterpress Alphabet notebooks by SORT

I, of course, was most excited by their selection of letterpress cards and notebooks by London-based printers SORT (that’s The Society of Revisionist Typographers)

Their designs combined traditional letterpress techniques with modern technology – and each of the cards I bought had been hand printed

Studying letterpress as I am at the moment, it’s really inspiring to see printmakers creating work where clever wording combines with really stylish design

These are the kind of cards you could easily stick in a frame and hang on your wall

I’m just sad to have discovered them too late to attend their summer open studios!


5 thoughts on “Letterpress: SORT

  1. kerrycooks says:

    Lovely cards! very pretty

  2. mixmakegrow says:

    LOVE these cards! And you’re right about them being great for framing – the cards in the second photograph would make a great wall collage :)

  3. makedospend says:

    Yes! I just need to actually do something with them…

    I have a habit of buying pretty things and them not quite making it onto the walls!

  4. Matt says:

    Chances of redoing our wedding invites?

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