Grow: Allotment life

My own futile gardening efforts were put to shame when one sunny afternoon we were invited to visit our friends allotment. Donning wellies, armed with a camera and leaving Terance the Gnome safely in the herb garden we went exploring.


Summer this year in the UK has been a complete washout, its just been rain, rain, rain. Pretty adverse conditions for an amateur gardener like myself, i’ve had to contend with mouldy strawberries and an infestation of slugs and snails!

I was amazed at the sills and imagination we found on the allotments.  The site covers 23 acres, with 281 plots, the average plot size is 300sq yards. Nearly all have fruit trees or soft fruit bushes, there is mains water and the site is well secured, only key holders (or lucky friends of key holders!) may enter. These  Plots must be 3 times the size of my little garden and range from the perfectly manicured vegetable patch to the overgrown yet fruit filled orchards. We saw sheds constructed from scrap wood, terrifying scarecrows and children’s play areas. The allotments make the perfect city escape, whilst still being in the city. All for just £15-£20 a year!

We watched as our friends expertly tied up the mange tout growing up a self assembled trellis made from canes, and had a taste of the sweet produce, delicious!


I can only dream of having the time and the skill to tend for a space such as this, a space to grow and think in tranquility, surrounded by creativity. It seems the lost art of growing your own vegetables is on the rise again, there is a waiting list and it can take 12 months or more to be allocated a plot, Maybe I should sign up now, just in case!

How does your garden grow?

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5 thoughts on “Grow: Allotment life

  1. I wish I could grow stuff that doesn’t die shortly after I forget what to do with it! The rains this year have been great for the plants that would probably otherwise have been obliterated what with my very un-green fingers! One day I intend to eat at least one thing I planted myself though – come on, we can do it! :P

    • makedospend says:

      yes, I wish gardening wasn’t quite such a frustrating pastime, the rain certainly has helped prolong the life of some of my unfortunate plants, now we just need some sunshine! :)

  2. I do not have a green thumb–but admire those who do

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