Do: Road Trips

Have you ever just jumped in a car/plane/train with only a destination in mind? No plan, no idea of what you’ll do once you get there or where you’ll stay. Completly spontaneous, just you, a map, (or perhaps a dysfunctional sat-nav) and a sense of adventure. I’m a little bit of a nightmare before I go on holiday, Getting organised, writing lists and cleaning the house so the return to reality is a little less painfull! So if you’ve planned ahead it’s always a relief to know when you reach your holiday destination you can unpack, relax and enjoy. Not so this year. We didn’t plan our summer holiday, we just decided to head to the lake district, jumped in the car and set off into the unknown

Driving in any direction out of the midlands it never ceases to amaze me how dramaticly the countryside changes, and as we headed north hedgerows turned into stone walls, hills turned into mountains and sunshine turned into rain, dark atmospheric skylines awaited us with mist rolling down from mountaintops.  Wildlife wise there was an abundance of sheep and tourists, the main lakes are busy in high season which further added to the anxiety surrounding where we would settle for the evening. Fortunately guesthouses and B+B’s are plentiful and nearly all bear signs in the window “no Vacancies”  and “vacancies” so we began searching for windows displaying the latter.

Our late afternoon search proved to work in our favour as many of the guesthouses with vacancies were keen to take us in, some even offering a reduced rate to fill vacant rooms. Really it was just a question of searching for  the best deal, which took a bit of time, but saved us quite a bit of cash.

We had a great holiday despite the rain and although the thought of having to camp in the rain left me with Icky sicky feeling in pit of my stomach we did save ourselves some cash by making last minute decisions. Still, next holiday I think i’ll opt for the forward planning option, something to look forward to weeks before you go, the excitement in the build up, yes its hard to tie up all the loose ends and handovers at work but if you can just get through it, there’s sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

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4 thoughts on “Do: Road Trips

  1. PJ Girl says:

    We occasionally just set off somewhere with a packed bag for a night or two… anything longer I like to plan. My husband always laughs at the fact I clean the house like a madwoman before I leave – but isn’t it lovely to come back home to a clean house?

    • makedospend says:

      Absolutely, it’s depressing enough coming back from a holiday without having to deal with a mess on your return!

  2. Ooh, I’ll do day trips with no plan but I’d be terrified of going away with no idea of where I was going to sleep! I get so tired, I want to know there’ll be a bed waiting for me at the end of the day.

    • makedospend says:

      I think that was why we decided to do it that way, it was a bit of a challenge (also a little bit lazy!) As exciting as it was, i’ll definitely be planning in advance next time!

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