Do: Leicester LoFi

We met through Leicester Lo-Fi Photography so we’re very excited to be exhibiting our film photography together at the The Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery

The gallery was once the city’s central library, but is now a community space – part of which is dedicated to showcasing the work of local snappers

Saturday was exhibition opening day and the founding members of Leicester LoFi hosted Lo-Fi : DIY  – an opportunity for aspiring photographers to have a go at some alternative printing techniques.

So, armed with cake, we went down to the gallery to join in the fun…



One of the workshops on offer was sunprinting.

Sunprinting creates a rich prussian blue print similar to a cyanotype-a photographic process that dates back the 1800’s and heavily influenced the evolution of photography.

All you need for solar powered photography is:

  • Light sensitive paper
  • sunlight
  • water

Out of direct sunlight place shapes and translucent objects, such as feather and lace onto your paper, then take your print out into the sunshine.

Wait a few minutes whilst the blue areas of your photographic paper turn from blue to white then pop them into some water and watch the colours reverse!

You can also tint your prints with detergent so they turn yellow or sepia.

To find out more about Leicester LoFi (They sell badges!) Visit the website: here

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2 thoughts on “Do: Leicester LoFi

  1. It sounds as if it was a fascinating exhibition …I also like the sound of the club itself….interesting!

    • makedospend says:

      its coming down tomorrow which is a little sad, but i’m sure there will be more adventures to come, all you need is a plastic camera to join in!

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