Grow: Snip


Yesterday afternoon a startling situation presented itself, I thought I had run out of food.

Blind panic ensued, This being 5.15 on a bank holiday monday all local shops had closed, the thought of a a drive to the supermarket at my most desperate hour seemed an unnecessary evil and a takeaway pizza inevitable.

I decided to cheer myself up with flowers and went outside to cut some sweet peas, then I remembered my garden.

Now as I have admitted before I am by no means green fingered, my cucumber and nasturtium plants have perished, I killed them. There are a few treasures to be found though, low maintenance items that have enjoyed constant rain and a little neglect as I lost interest in caring for them almost the same week I planted them.

So, a few snips later, a little help from my store cupboard and an adaption of B’s vanilla sugar recipe, here follows how I spent the rest of my evening…………


My Garden and I are friends again, next week I shall plant winter vegetables!

How does your garden grow?

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7 thoughts on “Grow: Snip

  1. bakearama says:

    <3 seconded, love the chalk board maths :-)

  2. What a great reminder of the beauty of simplicity. How did you get the photos on the blackboard to work? I’ve tried before and it was too reflective…

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