Visit: Markets in France


Pears in pastry

StrawberriesVegetables at a French market

Macaroons Nougat

Here in Leicester we’re lucky to have a pretty impressive covered market with a wide selection of fresh produce

But the weekly markets that spring up in villages and towns across France are just another level

Everywhere you look there’s quality fruit, veg, meats, oysters, pastries, chocolate… etc, etc, etc (does anyone else do the King and I thing and draw blank looks?)

And it’s not just the colourful sights, but the glorious smells!

One second I was craving croissants, the next I caught a whiff of saucisson and suddenly my savoury tooth kicked in

While visiting one street market, shortly after arriving on French soil, I imagined myself living in a cute little house in the village

Strolling through the market picking up tasty treats for a wonderful dinner, before popping into the boulangerie to pick up my morning baguette



12 thoughts on “Visit: Markets in France

  1. labrynthe says:

    I can’t stop staring at those strawberries~

  2. Janet says:

    I want to eat everything here… gorgeous photos.

  3. PJ Girl says:

    Fabulous photos…. your post has certainly made me hungry now!

  4. I love french marketstoo…it’s the saucisson aux noix that gets me going..and the cheeses…such choice, and I love the fact thatyou can try everything…..

  5. Mrs M says:

    I have family friends who lived (well still live) in Leicester. We visited the market many a time on visits to them when I was growing up. I always loved it.

    • makedospend says:

      Yes, it’s a wonderful place that I sometimes take for granted

      I have to admit I’ve neglected it a little of late, but have returned this week and am amazed by the bargains to be had!

  6. eightyfivemillimeter says:

    These pictures are mouthwatering! I am adding a visit to these markets onto my bucket list immediately!

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