Grow: Sunflowers

It was a sad day today, our homegrown sunflowers had to be chopped down. I grew these from seed earlier in the year, along with some nasturtiums (which haven’t fared so well!) and was amazed at the size and speed at which they grew – they have really brightened up the garden so we were very sorry to see them go.

I was left with hundreds of sunflower seeds which I harvested. I have a few plans for these little tinkers………

imageI’ve made some little seed envelopes to give to people as gifts, these will be part of my christmas hampers I started working on last week with my rhubarb and raspberry jam. Each envelope will contain 10 little seeds to be planted in the recipient’s garden.

A simple gift provided by my garden.

To make these I used:

  • 10 brown envelopes
  • a potato which I cut in half and carved into a sunflower (ish!) shape with a craft knife
  • emulsion paint for printing ink
  • A little Alphabet stamp set I bought from Muji
  • home grown sunflower seeds

I’ll still have a few seeds left over to use in my next batch of granola!

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5 thoughts on “Grow: Sunflowers

  1. labrynthe says:

    Oh but do they have to go? :< Sunflowers can really brighten up your day!~

  2. You are already thinking about Christmas? It’s too early for me. Summer isn’t officially over yet! ;)

    • makedospend says:

      I know! Sad right?! I’m always so unprepared for Christmas and its the busiest time of year for me at work, last Christmas was just so unbearably chaotic, painful in fact! So I made a promise to myself not to let it happen again this year……Fingers crossed

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