Do: Canoe the Dordogne

My entire holiday in France was lovely, but loveliest of all was the day we hired a canoe to take along the Dordogne Being a little unsure of my canoeing skills and abilities to endure the midday heat, D (the boyfriend) sympathetically agreed we’d take the 7k (rather than 16k!) route Alighting our vessel at La Roque-Gageac we took a relaxed approach to the whole thing (me more than him!)… Stopping along the river for a coffee and to visit stop by a boulangerie for lunch… The route took us past several chateaux and with the glorious weather the whole area looked absolutely stunning And although it was super hot, that was soon sorted with a refreshing dip in the river – something I’d never done before (the River Soar doesn’t look quite so welcoming…) After dropping off the canoes at the agreed point, we were taken back to our start point in a bus with no air conditioning, but doors literally tied open…! So if you’re ever in that area, I can’t urge you enough to take to the water

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3 thoughts on “Do: Canoe the Dordogne

  1. What a lovely way of spending a day…looks idyllic!x

  2. makedospend says:

    It comes highly recommended!

  3. […] finished The Girl Who Played With Fire – which I started reading on the plane back from France… in September! (Despite how it might seem, it really is a page turner…) A good six hour […]

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