Watch: Polaroids in 2012

I’m excited…

I’ve always wanted a Polaroid camera

When I was younger my parents once bought me a mini one, which printed off tiny sticker photos

Which was great – until it ran out of film

And that’s the problem with Polaroid – it really is great fun, but it’s not easy or cheap to buy – especially now the company have stopped production of much of the film

You can pick the cameras up in charity shops for a couple of quid, but the film takes more than a few coins (I’ve seen just a couple of packs of out of date, original film going for £200 on eBay!)

This is where The Impossible Project steps in

Based in the Netherlands, they were original a group of 10 former Polaroid employees who wanted to help people continue to take instant snaps (without the need for digital)

They’ve recreated a number of types of film – in colour and b&w – and although it’s still not as cheap as 35mm film, it’s not going to bankrupt anyone

And now they’ve moved into something new – everyone seems to love their Instagram aps on their iPhones… why not create a device which take them from digital image to Polaroid-style print

Genius! (I’ll be interested to see how much these go on sale for…)

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2 thoughts on “Watch: Polaroids in 2012

  1. laura says:

    This is an interesting concept! However I don’t really tend to take that many photos with my iPhone and i did love the feeling of taking them with my polaroid camera back when film was cheaper. But i think it’s always good to be able to print out photos and this looks like a fun way to do so :)

  2. Sarah says:

    I found an Impossible Project picture in a wall at my university and it was all brown and mushy. My boyfriend has a Polaroid back for one of his medium format cameras and it can take Fuji pack film which is still made and therefore much cheaper, plus since it’s an SLR the photos are good quality, focussed, etc. You can also get Fuji branded Instax cameras, the one I know you can definitely still get film for looks like a giant toy camera!

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