Do: Too much?


Firstly, apologies to any regular readers who will have noticed we’ve been a little quiet of late

Work and life in general seems to have been non stop for us both recently

So much so, that not only have we not managed to tick off all the challenges we set ourselves on our August Checklist, we haven’t set September’s – and it’s nearly October!

What went wrong?

Is it a case of us being too busy/tired/lazy to keep the blog up to date?

Our blog doesn’t have a specific subject because it’s intended to be a reflection of our many interests and hobbies

Perhaps this is part of the problem – when you’re taking photos, making cakes, thrift shopping, letterpressing, visiting new places, going to gigs, keeping up with other blogs, catching up with TV and radio shows, seeing friends… etc etc etc – but also working in demanding full time jobs – you can sometimes find yourself spread a little thinly and it’s easy to get distracted seeing projects through to completion

Sometimes juggling so many projects and interests – as much as you enjoy them – can be wearing, and when the working day is so full-on it’s easy to get swept away by it all

Sometimes there is little room for anything else when you feel physically drained, it’s hard to muster up creative energy and fitting in the things you enjoy most can become a challenge

And sometimes remembering to photograph everything, take time out to write about our experiences, and keep ideas interesting and fresh on the blog is just another thing for the to-do list

But this doesn’t mean we’re giving up!

 We still really love having the blog and love reading your comments!

It’s all just a matter of balance

Can you find the life/work/blog juggling a little tough sometimes? How do you manage your time? Any tips?!


9 thoughts on “Do: Too much?

  1. sometimes you just need to give your creativity a little space

  2. bakearama says:

    Yes I find it insanely difficult! It does take a long time to make a lovely blog post.

    A few weeks ago I went through a phase of editing my photos at home, uploading them, then taking a proper lunch break (rather than eating at my desk) with the laptop, and forcing myself to write the post in the time that I had.

    Also if you find yourself with a spare evening or weekend, writing a couple of posts at once, but keeping one as a draft, publishing it later so your readers have a drip-feed of posts.

    That said, I have just got very busy of work so things have slowed down in the kitchen and the blog – but loyal readers will still be there when things slow down a bit – that’s the beauty of the internet!

    Jen x

    • makedospend says:

      Yes work and life can take over sometimes, developing and experimenting with new recipes takes time and planning. Drafting a few posts in advance is a great idea! I’ve plans to bake and make thisafternoon….!

  3. labrynthe says:

    I’ve been trying to find time to update my blog as well! I think sticking to a schedule would do the trick? I don’t really know but that’s what I’d try to do ^^ please don’t ever abandon your blog. It really inspires me :)

    • makedospend says:

      Oh no, we’re not stopping! We just needed some time to re-group, I think. I like your schedule idea, planning what to post on certain days and taking a more structured approach might help us!

  4. I’m suffering from this too. I don’t have any solutions but I firmly believe that fewer blog posts is better than more rushed posts.

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