Visit: Botanical Gardens

I don’t work Fridays, but most of my friends do

Recently this has lead to pottering around the house, messing around on the internet and drinking copious cups of tea

Which is fine for a few hours, but extended to the whole day it feels like a bit of a waste

So in an attempt to break the habit, this (late) morning I decided to walk to the University of Leicester Botanic Garden

The gardens are just 30 minutes from where I live, yet I never visited before

With a HUGE breakfast inside me and camera in hand I set off on the walk, playing a game of ‘if I had the money which of these huge houses would I buy’ along the way (does anyone else do that?)

Fence on walk to Botanic Garden

Arriving at the Botanic Gardens I was happy to see their annual sculpture show – which Bridget from Thinking of the Days had been enthusing about – was still on (and is until 28th October!)

This year’s exhibition is entitled ‘interesting times’ and is made up from 29 eclectic pieces, spread across the grounds

Sculpture at Leicester Botanic Garden

Wall of Wind by Alena Matejka

Man with Potential Selves (III) by Sean Henry

Out of all the sculptures I saw, I think Sean Henry’s were my favourite – if only because they were so surprising (despite having seen them in the garden exhibition guide!)

In fact, at first I thought Walking Man WAS a walking man (albeit a particularly tall one) and did a double-take when I first spotted it…

Walking Man by Sean Henry

Walking Man by Sean Henry

Clearly not a real man on closer inspection

All in all a lovely place to spend an hour or two on a fresh autumn day – and completely free!

Here’s a few more highlights from my walk – I was particularly excited to come across the funghi…

Flowers at Leicester Botanic Garden

Flowers at Leicester Botanic Garden

Tree at Leicester Botanic Garden

Discovered any great local-to-you spots recently? What suggestions do you for targeting lazy procrastination?

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9 thoughts on “Visit: Botanical Gardens

  1. Maria Smith says:

    Your fungi pictures are fabulous1 I really like visiting the Botanical Gardens myself…they always look amazing.

  2. Janet says:

    I used to live about 15 minutes walk from the Botanic Gardens but haven’t visited since I moved a whole extra 2 miles away… but I feel a weekend visit coming on.

    • makedospend says:

      I’ll definitely be making a return visit – I can see it being a great place for winter picnics

      You’ve got a week left to see the sculpture exhibition!

  3. How productive! I should do that too! Lovely pictures although I find the sideways man a little startling! I’m to lazy, there’s so much to do in London, but it always feels so stressful to get out there, I much prefer going the opposite way to town and escape the hoards of people when I get the chance ;-) I guess that’s why I enjoyed your photos so much, and the idea of a winter picnic just wouldn’t cross my mind! Wonderful!

    • makedospend says:

      Not as productive as tidying the house – but much more enjoyable!

      Definitely try a winter picnic – it’s all about thermos flasks full of soup and big chunks of bread :)

      • Oooh yum! That makes complete sense now! A touch of frost would not go amiss to make the perfect backdrop to a thermos flask of soup! I can just see the trail of my warm breath in the air :P

  4. So pleased you went to see the exhibition and see why I love the Botanic Gardens so much! An outtdoor picnic sounds good one Friday……

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