Do: Clandestine Cake Club

Clandestine Cake Club

Every year (for the past 792 years!) the streets in the centre of Loughborough, Leicestershire have been taken over by fair rides, game stalls and the sweet smell of candy floss

So it was very fitting that the theme for the Loughborough branch of the Clandestine Cake Club  this month was the fun of the fair

The (top secret) venue was at the town hall, right in the middle of the action (which admittedly meant navigating cake boxes through crowds of people!)

It was great to see the amazing effort each baker had put into interpreting the theme – and they tasted even better than they looked!

Top marks for decoration went to Janet’s hook-a-duck creation – interactive cakes are the way of the future!

Clandestine Cake ClubClandestine Cake ClubClandestine Cake Club

The rules of cake club

If you’ve never been to a cake club event, it’s well worth looking one up in your area – not only do you get to experience some tasty treats, it’s a lovely way to meet new people

This time we both baked, and took the boys along for their first experience (recipe to follow…)

Just one word of advice – take very small pieces of each cake for the best experience – you can always go back for more!

Lights fantastic!

After our sweet tooth(s) had been more than satisfied, we had all the fun of the real fair to experience

(Although we decided some things are best enjoyed from the ground!)


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7 thoughts on “Do: Clandestine Cake Club

  1. bakearama says:

    I’m signed up to the Loughborough one as well and really wish I could have gone this month – such a cool theme and can’t believe they got into the town hall! Definitely best to give the rides a miss after that much cake :-)

  2. makedospend says:

    You should definitely come next time!

  3. Oh, wow! What a great idea! And the photos are stunning.

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  5. […] You can read my blog about the event here, and more on the Make, Do and Spend blog. […]

  6. thesecateur says:

    Great post & lovely pics. Good to see you all again & hope you got your roast chestnuts afterwards!

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