VISIT: Basque Country

San Sebastian

A few weeks ago I paid my first visit to Spain – in the Basque region

More specifically we stayed in Bilbao, with a day trip to San Sebastian

Here’s a few highlights…


Tapas at The Guggenheim cafe, BilbaoTortilla at The Guggenheim cafe, BilbaoThe Guggenheim cafe, Bilbao

We had loads of tapas on our first day – starting with the above for a light lunch in the Guggenheim Museum cafe (The pigeons on the opposite table seemed to enjoy it too!)

Tapas here is different to the way we enjoy it in the UK – it’s doesn’t seem to be eaten as a main meal, rather a bar snack

There’s so many delicious looking bite-sized (well, if you had a particularly big mouth) dishes at almost every bar

Neither me or the boyfriend speak Spanish, so we played a little ‘tapas roulette’ – mushroom wrap turned out to be squid… I think

In addition to tapas – and massive hotel breakfasts – another food favourite that we just happened across was a restaurant that specialised in pasta

It was so good, we went two nights in a row


The Guggenheim, Bilbao

The main attraction in Bilbao is the Guggenheim Museum

Having visited the one in New York earlier this year, I was expecting an incredible building and I certainly wasn’t disappointed

The outside featured sheets of reflective metal strips, against solid blue walls

There’s water around one side of the gallery, which ever so often is engulfed by blankets of mist which float from under the walkway that runs next to it

And the whole thing is guarded by a giant floral dog!

Once you’re inside the museum there’s some brilliant installations to walk round

It’s art within art!

And of course, no city break is complete without a little shopping…

Record shopping in Bilbao

San Sebastian

Just over an hour away by coach, San Sebastian was in absolutely blinding sunshine when we arrived – I could barely see to take photos!

(It was such a novelty to walk round in t-shirts when back home we’d been wrapped up in winter coats)

We decided to burn off some of the tapas (deep fried cheese) from the night before by climbing to the top of the hill below…

San Sebastian

Which made us realise how unfit we both are – but also gave us a stunning view over the bay (see the photo right at the top of this post for evidence!

On the way up, we walked along the harbour and almost bright blue water…

San Sebastian

And it’s just as beautiful by night…

San Sebastian

All in all a really lovely – and slightly indulgent – few days

Thoroughly recommended!

Have you been on holiday recently? Any tips for short European breaks? 

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4 thoughts on “VISIT: Basque Country

  1. kerrycooks says:

    Lovely – beautiful pictures!

  2. iamnotaghost says:

    Great pictures :) I have to say that the Basque country IS Spain, because the whole of Spain is divided into autonomous regions, like provinces. I say this, because I’m spanish, and I live in the autonomous region of Valencia.

    :) have a good day!

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