Our Week: 17-23 Nov


Banana tarte tatin

The week B had…

Made:  A banana and black pepper tarte tatin  – the caramel didn’t quite set but it was still tasty served with honeycomb ice-cream (and washed down with refreshing watermel-ade, made by D)

Did: Attended a community women’s choir – and lasted about 15 minutes before I overcame my shyness at singing

Spent: My hands suffer in winter, so in an effort to keep them at their best I treated myself to a manicure (with sparkles!)

If you click on one link this weekend: Go to Yes and Yes – Sarah’s posts are always inspirational and I love reading the true life stories (you can spend an hour reading back through them all!)


The week E had…

Made: Chocolate orange Christmas pudding with cointreau (recipe to follow) not sure I can wait until Christmas too eat it!

Did: Have to drive through several floods to get too and from work this week

Spent: A brilliant day in London visiting various foodie havens

If you click on one link this weekend: This beautiful blog was recommended to me by a friend this week, wonderful recipes and photography make for perfect rainy day reading


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