Visit: Lincoln Christmas Market

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For the last few years my friend S and I take a trip to Lincoln Christmas Market. A town steeped in history Lincoln is a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year, but its particularly magical around Christmas time with the smell of roasted chestnuts and delicately spiced mulled wine drifting through the cobbled streets. The hill is incredibly steep,  but fortunately there are plenty of vintage shops along the way so we could rest our tired feet and break up our climb. At the top of the hill we browsed the many market stalls and both picked up a Christmas present or two. We ate wild boar hotdogs and wandered through the fairground. The Cathedral is an impressive sight to behold at any time but it was truly beautiful lit up in the twilight as we made our way back down the hill. A wonderful day with great company, it really does feel like Christmas after a visit to Lincoln Christmas Market.

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8 thoughts on “Visit: Lincoln Christmas Market

  1. Sarah says:

    Lovely atmospheric photos :)

  2. Labrynthe says:

    I almost felt as if I was there too! Lovely, lovely photos!

  3. PJ Girl says:

    I’ve never been to Lincoln and will definitely put it on my to do list for next year. All I can think of now is roasted chestnuts……. greta photos!

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