Our Week: 5 to 11 Jan

the week E Had 12.01.13

The week E had…

Made: Chocolate panettone puddings – think bread and butter pudding but made even more delicious, I made this with leftover panettone from Christmas. Paired with chocolate and a good splash of rum this makes for a seriously decadent pud, perfect for a cold winter evening

Did: Manage to survive the first full week at work since Christmas!

Spent: I bought some daffodills to remind myself that spring is just round the corner…

If you click on one link this weekend: After the excesses of Christmas almost everyone I know is thinking about loosing weight and saving money this January  Love Food Hate Waste provides many brilliant, healthy and environmentally friendly ideas on how to make money and meals go further


The week B had…

Made: A healthy vegetable and bean casserole – cheap, tasty (and means I feel less guilty about continuing to eat leftover Christmas chocolate!

Did: I popped along to see Les Mis at Phoenix cinema on Friday afternoon – and, although I still love the stage show more, it was still excellent – the old man sat in front of me tearfully exclaimed, ‘Wonderful, just wonderful!’ as the end credits began to roll!

Spent: Just £2 on an AMAZING loaf of olive sourdough bread made by the lovely Jessica, of Leicester Born and Bread

If you click on one link this weekend: For some reason I’m completely obsessed with watching this video over and over: Puppy vs Orange (and now I really want a beagle!)

3 thoughts on “Our Week: 5 to 11 Jan

  1. Jessica says:

    B: so glad you enjoyed the sourdough!

    E: I have some panettone left over from Christmas & love your idea. Is the recipe on the blog?

    • makedospend says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Recipe for the puddings in the pipeline, hopefully this weekend……. They were pretty good!!
      Have you ever made panettone before? I attempted it before Christmas and failed miserably!

      • Jessica says:

        Yes, I have! I adapt a recipe in Bread Matters and it works very well – v easy too!

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