A week of… Travel

The harsh weather has made getting from A to B a little more of a challenge over the last couple of weeks, everything has taken a bit longer and needed just a little more planning

We’ve both done a bit of walking, taxiing, welly-wearing and exploring – also B was jetting off to Paris, so travel seemed to be a fitting theme!

Next week we are planning a week of… organising – why not join us?

You can do your own post around the theme, then let us know by e-mailing the link (and maybe a photo?) to makedoandspend (at) hotmail.co.uk  so we can give you a mention !

E’s week of Travel…

The adverse weather means ducks have to walk to work

frozen lake

C and I are off to Brussels in a few weeks time, we’ve booked our Eurostar tickets but still need to find somewhere to stay….

planning a trip

Its still snowy underfoot and I get cold wet feet because I forgot my wellington boots!

snow underfoot

A photograph taken by my grandfather in Madrid 1987. The little person eating a baguette and refusing to look at the camera is me

throwback thursday

The taxi ride home

taxi ride

Snow turns to ice, which makes traveling by foot a treacherous experience!


Planning another trip to one of my favourite places soon….

planning a trip to Norfolk

B’s week of Travel…

A super-snowy start to the week

Snowy wellies

Today was a particularly early start at work – a taxi picked me up at 5.20am
Around 14 hours later I was digging my car out of 5 inches of snow in order to get to circuit training
(and was obviously gutted to arrive too late for the bleep test as a result…)

Car under snow

Piano players at St Pancras, London – I love this idea!

Piano at St Pancras, London

Riding the escalators up to the top floor of the Pompidou Centre in Paris
It was only when we were up there that I realised how little was under it!

Centre Pompidou escalator

The Musee d’Orcay – originally a railway station

Musee d'Orsee

You know that moment when you’re just boarding the Eurostar that gets you back to London for 5.40pm… and you realise your next connecting train is booked at 5.15pm? Oops…
(You don’t need a photo of my grumpy face!)

A drive out to my dad’s favourite countryside pub for his birthday meal
It sits beside a beautiful stretch of canal, but it was a bit nippy to go for a stroll today!
Instead, here’s a photo of his cake… (he’s 59!)

Spongebob Squarepants cake

We can’t wait to see your posts themed on a week of organisation!

Feel free to interpret the theme however you’d like and in whatever way – photos, words, drawings, cake sculptures…


2 thoughts on “A week of… Travel

  1. Janet says:

    I’m going to Paris for the first time in years this April. I can’t wait! Any recommendations of things to do would be ace.

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