Bake: Chocolate Panettone pudding

This is a seriously warming winter pudding, I have adapted this from a recipe I used to make when I worked as a pastry chef in an Italian restaurant. My old head Chef, an Italian himself, always put this dish on the menu from December through to Febuary to help beat the winter blues.

Here’s what you will need……

what you need

And of course…………

the essential ingredient

I still had 3 little panettone left over from Christmas that was turning a little stale and needed to be used up. If you didn’t have any panettone, leftover bread would work just as well or to make a seriously indulgent pudding try layering croissant and bread togrther. It’s best to use bread that’s a little stale as fresh can result in a soggy pudding.

My little panettone fitted perfectly into some cake rings which I made watertight by wrapping foil around the bases, admittedly this is a bit of a faff but I l wanted individual puddings so I could pop a couple in the freezer for  another day. An ovenproof dish would work just as well.

how to make a cake ring watertight

how to make a cake ring watertight

Pre-heat your oven to 130°C- Bread and butter pudding needs to be cooked slowly in a baine marie so it stays moist. Whatever dish you are baking the pudding in make sure you have another larger dish or roasting tray that the pudding will fit into so you can fill it with water later.

To make the custard bring the milk and cream just to the boil then add the chocolate, sugar and butter and whisk well until all the chocolate is melted. Whisk the eggs together separately then pour them in and whisk to combine. A little splash of whiskey or rum added at this stage works extremely well too!

Layer up the pudding in stages start with a spoonful of custard, then a layer of panettone, then another spoonful of custard, panettone, custard….and so on, until all the panettone is evenly soaked, if there is any custard mix left pour this over the top of the pudding.

The pudding now needs to rest so the custard can soak into the bread, half an hour to an hour should do it, depending on how long you can wait!

Place the puddings into a large roasting tray. Boil the kettle, place the tray on the middle shelf of your pre-heated oven and pour the boiling water into the outer tray so the water comes about half way up the side of the pudding ring/tray. Bake the pudding at 130°C for 50 to 60 minutes, or until the pudding is just set, serve warm with ice cream and/or cream. Yum.

bake at 130 for 50 to 60 minutes

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