A week of… Organising

Organising was our theme for the last week of January in a bid to tidy up, prepare for the months to follow and to take advantage of the calmer pace of life that winter brings.

On the whole, both of us plan ahead and are pretty organised, however sometimes the little things sneak up on you and catch you out- work, social life, extra curricular activities etc… all made this week’s theme quite a challenge…

E’s week of Organising…




fridge organisation


space saving wardrobe


I’m slightly ashamed to reveal my room of mess. Yes, I confess I am indeed a secret hoarder. If I don’t sort this room out soon I’m convinced I will and up on a reality TV show trying to rationalise why I simply cannot throw out important scraps of paper and clothes that no longer fit yet still hold sentimental value. Where to start though?!

the room of mess!





B’s week of Organising…

I completely failed with this week’s challenge

It’s been an odd and tiring week for me (which ironically would have benefitted from a bit of organisation!)

I didn’t even unpack my holiday bags until yesterday and my camera battery has run flat

So I’m a little ashamed to say I have no photos to share, so it’s just E’s beautiful snaps today

I’m hoping this week will be a lot calmer – and a lot more ordered


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