Q&A: Richard III

Richard III

It’s been an exciting couple of days for Leicester

After months of historical research and DNA tests, experts have confirmed “beyond reasonable doubt” that a skeleton found beneath one of the city’s car parks is that of Richard III!

Following the discovery of the bones back in August last year, the former royal was quick to embrace the modern world and soon popped up on Twitter – where he’s picked up thousands of followers with his witty observations

And I’m honoured to say that today we bring you a world exclusive interview with @richard_third

You don’t look particularly healthy in the photos the Uni of Leicester have released… how are you able to tweet?

One resides in a university laboratory, technology is a wonderful thing, and I’m in the best place for it. But there are no windows or daylight here, it’s playing havoc with my complexion

It’ll be nice to sort a permanent abode soon, I’m told the bishop at the cathedral is working on it. 

How are you coping with social networking?

One hath been both puzzled and pleased by social networking.

I’m followed by half the Guardian, a pretty girl from Le Monde, the British Ambassador for Ecuador and my ex-wife… not liking the nasty tweets from York citizens though.

I seem to be followed by many of my subjects which is expected…  but… well I am the King.

AND I’ve lost my horse, so I’m starting a competition to find it. 

What reaction have you had to your tweets?

Excellent. Truly Excellent for me. At least two of my compositions have been re-tweeted 700 times. One doth assume that is good?

Let alone 3,700 followers! Just don’t believe everything King Henry VIII may write…

Made many famous friends?

One should never boast out one’s friends and connections… but two Hollywood actors are now followers, and many BBC/newspaper journalists.

It seems the Chief Constable of Leicestershire will help me find my horse (Simon Cole, excellent right hand man, I might give him the Isle of Man in appeciation). 

Or enemies?

One must always keen your enemies close. I have an amusing relationship with King Henry VIII, the most comical of the disastrous Tudor families. Kind of a medieval Dingles.

Oh and it seems several young history undergraduates’ boyfriends…

 Are you enjoying the attention?

Who wouldn’t??? I’m a good looking chap, and it seems very pretty ladies like to study history and me, and… well… who could blame them? 

What are you enjoying most about modern UK life?

All the pretty ladies! Does it show?

You modern day boys certainly have it easier then when I was younger. All the underlayers to remove and lack of deodorant meant things weren’t so much fun or so easy.

Mind you… I saw all sorts of naughtiness in that car park over the years. Honestly, ladies have no decency sometimes these days I feel. Shocked I tell you!

Are you happy about staying in Leicester?

It’s ok I think, relatively large, excellent food market, and oh boy those curries. Bit far from the sea though, but not too far from Fotheringhay whatsoever though and that’s home.  I’m almost at complete home one thinks. 

Any requests for your reburial?

Engleburt to sing please. NO Elton John, no re-written Lady Diana songs here thank you, or songs about fighting. Some Walkers Pork Pies might be a nice touch ;) 

Any plans for world domination/advertising campaigns/celebrity marriages?

My advisors have warned me to stay away from Katie Price,  and anyone in Hollyoaks?  Is that right? What is Hollyoaks? I think my mother warned me about girls like them…


Favourite nephew:
Edward was my favourite, I miss those boys, I honestly wish I knew what happened to them. 

Favourite book:
Fly fishing by J R Hartley

Favourite dish:
Lamb Bhuna

Favourite performance of Shakespeare’s RIII:
Robert Lindsay, RSC Stratford, 1998 

Summer or winter?

Red or white?

Leicester or York?

Foundation or Society?
Hmmm. Neither, I shall be starting my own ‘official’ fan club shortly, with strict historian qualification vetting procedures.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Richard III

  1. PJ says:

    LOL! Who’d have thought a Lamb Bhuna would be his food choice?!?!! Very funny x

  2. Hmmmm are you from Leicester by any chance? :P

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