Our Week: 2nd-8th Feb


The week B had…

Made: Finally got round to attempting to make the perennial calendar I’ve been planning to make for ages (it was supposed to be a Christmas present!) I’ll post about how I made it soon…

Did: Attended a really fun murder mystery birthday meal – dressed in fake pearls and a tiara while doing my best to put on a ‘proper’ English accent! D’s accent moved between German and South African?! (Pudding was the crème brûlée above)

Spent: After a Christmas in the garage, my bike is now fixed – with a new wheel and various other bits. No more walking/guiltily driving to work!

If you click on one link this weekend: If you’ve never heard The Listening Project on Radio 4 or your local BBC station, check out the website  – there’s some wonderful conversations on all sorts of topics – this one is especially incredible


The week E had…

Made: I have taken up my knitting needles for the first time in 4 years, and I’m attempting to knit an oven mitt… knit, pearl, knit, pearl…

Did: A lovely evening catching up with an old friend from university,featuring a few of my favourite things, curry and gin!

Spent: C and I finally organised somewhere to stay on our visit to Brussels, booked through airbnb on B’s recommendation, thank you B!

If you click on one link this weekend: Valentxt to send your loved one a mystery text message this Valentine’s Day


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