Our week: 9th-15th Feb


The week E had…

Made: A lot of bread! Sourdough, focaccia and pizza were all on the menu as C and I hosted an informal bread making masterclass/pizza party

Did: Clandestine Cake Club and my first ever ride on a steam train, full details of our brilliant day to follow…

Spent: The perfect valentines gift = a rather good stilton for my man!

If you click on one link this weekend: Idafrosk  turning food into art, with a few healthy delicious recipes along the way

B - looking at herself!

The week B had…

Made: Taking a look at myself and thinking about making a few small changes to look after my health/house/money/work/social life a little better

Did: Went to my first burlesque show on Valentine’s Day, along with D – and really enjoyed it

Spent: I finally accepted that the lovely desert boots I’d bought in the Clarks’ sale were a tiny bit too small… but on the day I returned them found the same pair in the right size (hopefully!) on eBay and won them for £33 less!

If you click on one link this weekend: I’ve recently discovered A Thrifty Mrs and I’m loving her step-by-step tips on organisation – I’m working on ‘recognising my patterns’ at the moment!

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