Our week: 16th-22nd Feb


The week B had…

Made: A film! Well, I didn’t really – but I was an extra in a short film made by a Leicester filmmaker – which was a new experience and good fun – can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Did: Saw Adam Buxton’s BUG – a wonderful selection of videos and very funny (full report to follow!) – and been making full use of my record player this week

Spent: Bought train tickets to London for next weekend to finally see this (hopefully – 6 hour queues – eek!)

If you click on one link this weekend:  ‘True Facts About Chameleons’ is an amazingly funny – yet informative – video by zefrank… and he’s got plenty of others to keep you occupied for half an hour

catching up

The week E had…

Made: Oxtail stew for sunday dinner, the recent horse meat fiasco has led myself and C to the decision to only buy meat from the butcher. It’s not that we are worried about having eating horse meat, it’s just reassuring to know that the meat we buy is responsibly sourced and even if we have to pay a little more we are supporting a fantastic local resource

Did: Catching up with friends and family, from Friday i’ve been on annual leave from work, so its been lovely to relax and catch up with a few friendly faces whilst eating some good food, I’ve done a bit of that too!

Spent: sterling to get euros for a little city break this week…

If you click on one link this weekend: Baking in Spring/Summer 2013 will be all about retro, find the necessary bake wear here (Thanks to H for alerting me to this!)

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