Watch: BUG

Just over a year ago I wrote about going along to Adam Buxton’s music video showcase BUG

The show is usually based at the BFI in London, but occasionally goes on a ‘best of’ tour – and last week the show stopped by Leicester once again

So of course D and I went along, and were treated to a great selection of videos – from the beautiful to the bizarre – with some of Adam Buxton’s unique comedy thrown in throughout

I thought I’d share three of my favourite from the night…

Shugo Tokumaru – ‘Katachi’

This amazing stop motion video for Japanese artist Shugo Tokamaru was made by director and animation team Kijek / Adamski

‘Katachi’ means ‘shape’ in Japanese, and I think this video reflects that beautifully

Bonobo – ‘Cirrus’

This video was created by  Cyriak from vintage stock film – which he has transformed with all sorts of clever editing to create a swirl of fascinating images

It fits the tune perfectly in my opinion!

Kina Grannis – ‘In Your Arms’

Adam Buxton introduced this as a ‘song for girls’ – which I can totally understand, but it is quite lovely

And the video is incredible – especially when you find out each jelly bean was moved by hand, which must have taken a HUGE amount of patience (see the ‘making of’ here if you’re interested)

It took TWO WHOLE YEARS to make!

I thoroughly recommend seeing BUG when it passes your way, but until then perhaps check out Adam Buxton’s material online

As part of the show he reads out real comments left by people below YouTube videos – some of them are (unintentionally) hilarious!

What do you think to these videos? Do you have a favourite music video? Do share!

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One thought on “Watch: BUG

  1. Oh. Wow. That last one. I watched the making video too. Amazing. Some people are just so dedicated! Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face :)

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