A week of… Healthy

Whist enjoying an amazing selection of delicious cakes last weekend we decided upon our theme for this week, healthy. Whether it be through food or exercise we thought it a good idea- post cake indulgence, to have a week dedicated to looking after ourselves. Here’s how we got on….

E’s week of Healthy… 

In Winter months I do like to start the day with a bowl of porridge, usually sweetened with just a little homemade jam, today I opted for pear and chocolate, very tasty!

   porridge with pear and chocolate jam

Fresh mint tea instead of caffeine to detox (though I do take mine with half a spoon of sugar to sweeten!)

mint tea

I’m very lucky to have plenty of grocery shops on my doorstop selling fresh, locally sourced vegetables

fresh vegetables

A few cook books I use for healthy recipe inspiration

healthy books

Walking= a great way to take in your surroundings whilst taking a few photos and it surely counts as exercise! In cold weather Ugg boots are called for


A trip home for some fresh countryside air, hard to beat

 countryside air

Currently my favourite salad: apple, celeriac, pine nut and pesto. I prepared this to go with a little smoked salmon and Prosecco for C and I’s Eurostar journey…

apple, celeriac, pine nut and pesto salad

B’s week of Healthy…

Did I mention how excited I am to have my bike back? It makes getting to work SO much quicker

B's bike

I know this doesn’t look too healthy but…
In the past I’ve been accused of being a little too focused on eating only “good” food – whereas its a much healthier approach to throw a few sweet treats into the mix
(and I made a lot of gingerbread on Sunday and it needed eating!)

Gingerbread and tea

A day off work spent with my mum, cousin and her little boy
We visited the National Space Centre in Leicester and had a great family day out
Something to lift the spirits!
(This is an actual bit of Mars – I think…)

Space rock

A healthy-ish pudding of pear, muesli, nuts, yoghurt and honey – yum!


A healthy meal, which is also healthy for my fridge – using up all the veggie leftovers

Today D and I played badminton – and really enjoyed ourselves
I definitely need to practise though!
(And obviously I forgot to take a camera…)

And this is where the healthiness sort of disappeared… in the form of a Sunday lunch carvery and ice-cream to finish… oops!
I think I need to try a little harder this week!

Have you had a healthy week? Any tips for a health boost?

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