Our week: 23rd-29th Feb

E's week….

The week E had…

Made: Currently recipe testing belgian waffles

Did: Brussels! We did a lot of walking, sightseeing, museum visiting, eating and drinking, a lovely few days

Spent: We found an amazing shop in Brussels called the international home of cooking a cook wear shop full of fabulous things, from silicone bake wear to copper pans… brilliant! I picked up a pasta cutter and some butchers string, intending to go back for some silicone moulds, though sadly we ran out of time

If you click on one link this weekend: Jim’ll paint it you name it and he paints it.


The week B had…

Made: Many a list, on many a piece of paper – stuck all over my desk and house!

Did: Saw Piaf at Curve theatre in Leicester – I really didn’t know anything about the French singer beforehand, and was genuinely surprised by her life story – I wasn’t sure about the production at first, but was won round

Spent: With a little advise from E, C and my mum, I purchased some new luggage ready for my trip to Canada (clearly it was important to buy one with animals all over it!)

If you click on one link this weekend:  I found this post by A Rosie Outlook on sponsored posts really fascinating – I didn’t understand how Google worked before ready this

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