Do: The Rain Room

The Rain Room

So this is what D and I did on Saturday

Since we first spotted that the Barbican in London were hosting the Rain Room, we were desperate to go – it opened in October, and we finally made it on the penultimate day!

The installation by Random International is basically a room of falling water, which senses and clears around you as you walk (slowly) through it

The Rain Room at The Barbican

The arts centre website said to expect average queues of six hours – I couldn’t imagine this would be true, but nevertheless we set off from Leicester at 6.57am… arriving at the Barbican just after 8.30am

And then we waited six hours!

Thankfully we’d brought a weekend paper, several travel books and an iPad – and arrived early enough to get a place in the queue that was inside and had space to sit on the floor

Until finally…

The Rain Room at The Barbican

Oh yeah, and somehow I managed to get soaked –  in the rain you’re not supposed to get wet in…

I felt a little silly emerging with dripping hair, while everyone else was dry!

Perhaps I should’ve swapped slow shuffling with these moves…

Did you visit the Rain Room – and stay dry? Any upcoming exhibitions you can’t wait to see?

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5 thoughts on “Do: The Rain Room

  1. it looks wonderful and as if you had a fun time.Would have loved to seen this….but I’m afraid I simply haven’t got the patience! six hours in a queue…that’s nearly a full day shift….

    • makedospend says:

      It’s actually how odd the time passed – I’m sure it would’ve been much more challenging if we’d had to stand outside!

  2. I was too lazy to go. Saw it when it first appeared on the news but thought it was going to be a mission to get in! I remember they showed kids running through it and getting soaked because they were moving too quickly, but how did you get soaked? How long did you get to stay in there after queuing for six hours? Looks like so much fun :)

    • makedospend says:

      I’m not sure! It just suddenly started falling on me – and then of coursed I moved quickly in surprise, which just made me wetter!

      I’m not actually sure how long we stayed in – I think it’s the initial wonder of it all which is the pull, you don’t feel like you need to stay in there for hours

  3. […] (Despite how it might seem, it really is a page turner…) A good six hour queue for the Rain Room meant I finally had a block of time to just sit and read […]

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