grand place

getting around by bike

I feel lonely

souvenir manneken pis


peacefulbandstand in park de Bruxelles

art nouveau

European quarter art nouveau



belgian chocolate

making chocolate truffles


honey shop

homemade nougat

waffle tasting-before

waffle tasting-after

“Why Brussels?” Is a question I have answered several times since choosing the city as a winter holiday destination. In truth we came upon a rather good deal on the Eurostar and were so in need of a break it really didin’t matter where we ended up. Time out was necessary and Brussels proved a perfect location for it. We discovered a very civilised city full of history, art, beer, chocolate and waffles which happen to be a few of my favourite things!  There are many artisan shops to explore, fromageries, charcuteries and we even found a little shop devoted exclusively to honey. We visited a few galleries and museums, exploring the surreal world of Magritte, a beer museum in the grande place (which was more about the drinking beer than it’s history!) we found a few dinosaurs and spend a full 3 hours exploring the vast museum of art history. Brussels is also the birthplace of Art Nouveau and there are many fabulous buildings and restaurants so see and visit. There was so much to explore, we walked and walked until I thought my feet would no longer carry me, and then we walked some more! A great break from reality and I am now fully addicted to Belgian waffles!

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6 thoughts on “Visit:Brussels

  1. bakearama says:

    Fabulous, fabulous pictures! I find it a little disturbing that I could tell you exactly where that nougat shop is!!

    • makedospend says:

      Its a great city, especially for foodies, and I love the fact that It’s not intimidating as other capitals like London and Paris can, potentially, be. We were only there for a few days and I could happily have spend much more time there. I find it brilliant you recognised the nougat shop! :-)
      My only regret is not bringing back more chocolate!

  2. Labrynthe says:

    I cannot express more how I love the way you shoot things. Breathtaking photography as usual :)

    • makedospend says:

      thank you :-) I must confess I took 3 rolls of film over the three days we were there and these were the only good ones!

  3. What languages do people speak in Brussels (for the sake of tourists)? Just wondering how easy it is to explore. Sounds interesting although I know that lots of people would find it boring, hence the question you have had to answer! Your photos go a long way in proving otherwise :)

    • makedospend says:

      There are two national languages in Belgium, french and Flemish and I think that the north is predominantly flemish speaking whilst the south is mostly french. In Brussels we found that everything was written in both languages, from the museums to the menus in restaurants, a lot of places offered English translations also and, with my embarrassingly limited french speaking abilities, even if I addressed them in french they would reply to me in English! It’s a surprisingly quiet city for the capital of the EU, but we were far from bored and could have spent more time there for sure! :-)

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