A week of… Reading

Reading is part of every day life – without realising it half the time, we’re constantly taking in words and processing them

A large part of our work involves reading – be it press releases or recipes – and we love keeping up to date with our favourite blogs

But putting time aside to read a good novel, fully digest a newspaper or take pleasure in reading any text that’s not on a computer screen always seems to be a bit more of a struggle

And it really shouldn’t be

So last week we had a good think about the times when we do read for pleasure, and look for opportunities to do it a little more – and avoid ‘easier’ distractions

B’s week of reading… 

I am determined to finish reading The Girl Who Played With Fire this week – starting with some bedtime reading!


Doing my French homework (just before my evening class…!)


After watching a production of Piaf at Curve theatre, I was straight home and online to read up more about the French singer’s life…

As per the usual Thursday morning routine, I spent the first 30 minutes of my work day skimming through all the local papers
It’s an unusual pleasure of mine!

Continuing to plough through the many Canada travel guides D has borrowed from his local library – which has made me realise I haven’t been for ages
Within a week of moving to my current house I’d signed up to the library just down the road… and haven’t been back since!

FINALLY! I’ve finished The Girl Who Played With Fire – which I started reading on the plane back from France… in September!
(Despite how it might seem, it really is a page turner…)
A good six hour queue for the Rain Room meant I finally had a block of time to just sit and read it

photo (16)

I start a new book! I’m so pleased we decided to focus on reading again this week – I used to be a proper book worm and I’m excited about getting the enthusiasm for reading back!


E’s week of reading…

Studying the guide book that helped us explore Brussels (And stitched us up a couple of times too!)

guide book

Spotted this chap reading his comic book in a hotel lobby

comic book reading

Reading the menu- our last night in Brussels


Brussels is full of charming little book shops, we passed this one on our last day in the city

charming little book shop

Today I finished reading The Light Behind the Window by Lucinda Riley which I have thoroughly enjoyed, I always feel a little sad when I’ve come the end of a good story!

Today I began reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith which I’ve been meaning to read for ages, so far so good……

A long and slightly delayed train journey called for some light entertainment

eurostar entertainment


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