Visit: Toronto

I’ve returned from my holiday in Canada – and what an amazing time we had!

Whenever I’m going away to a new place, I always search for blogs with great tips for things to do – so I thought I’d pass on the love and share a few of our highlights… starting with Toronto!

We flew in and out of Toronto airport, and spent three nights there all together

The CN Tower

CN Tower

It’s really tall… really, really tall… and was the tallest in the world for over 30 years (until 2007!)

We always knew it was an expensive place to visit, but absolutely wanted to do it

So when we arrived and realised for around $15 extra we could also have a three course meal in the rotating restaurant, we decided it was well worth spending the extra to do just that

360 Restaurant, CN Tower

At 351m in the air, it’s the highest I’ve eaten dinner (while not in a plane anyway) and it took a little while to get used to the rotating movement (it takes 72 minutes to go round completely)

The food was delicious, portions were large and the view was absolutely spectacular (and we didn’t have to battle with other tourists to get a good view)

View from the 360 Restaurant, CN TowerIMG_0080IMG_0085

After lunch we were allowed a peak into the world’s highest wine cellar, which stores over 550 wines from around the world and a bottle of cognac worth around $80,000!

The friendly sommelier kindly gave us a free ticket to ride to the highest viewing point on the tower – at 446.5m high… eek!


In the end we spent over three hours up in the air – fantastic, but I was also happy to get my feet back on solid ground!


Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Centre

That same day we went to a basketball game at the Air Canada Centre and saw home team, The Toronto Raptors, beat the Cleveland Cavaliers!

It was great fun – when we weren’t being entertained by the game there was the dancers, the mascots and the people throwing all kinds of freebies into the crowd

We bought cheap $15 tickets online before we arrived in Canada, and although we were near the back we still had an excellent view

Toronto Zoo

Having failed to see a moose in the wild all holiday (I thought they’d be wandering about all over the place!) I was super excited to see one at Toronto Zoo on our final day in Canada

However the stars of the show were actually the grizzly bears, who were a lot cuter and looked a lot friendlier than I expected…

Grizzly bears at Toronto Zoo

Being out of season and very cold, a lot of the animals seem to have been taken off display – but it didn’t matter to us as we were most interested in seeing the native North American animals – including a raccoon, a beaver (sleeping on it’s tail!) and polar bears

A great way to wear ourselves out before the flight back to the UK

Other places to visit…

  • Cabbage Town – streets lined with cute houses that traditional grow cabbages in their gardens
  • Kensington Market – an area of the city with a bohemian feel to it – think graffiti, vintage shops and taco shacks!
  • The Distillery District – factories converted into cool shops, boutique galleries and cafes

Food of note…

  • Amazing ice-cream from Greggs in the Distillery District (we tried coconut, malted chocolate, and coffee toffee)
  • Two meals at Utopia on College Street (they make their nachos on a plate made of nacho!) – people were queuing out the door on Saturday night
  • D discovered the local brew – Mill Street – and gave it a big thumbs up

Nachos at Utopia, Toronto

Record stores we visited…

(The ones I can remember anyway… apparently we’re vinyl tourists…!)

  • Sonic Boom, Bathurst Street (it’s HUGE) and Kensington Market
  • Kops Records, Queen Street W
  • Soundscapes, College Street
  • Planet of Sound, Queen Street East
  • Cosmos, Queen Street W

Have you visited Toronto? What did you think? Next up: Niagara!

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7 thoughts on “Visit: Toronto

  1. zocomummy says:

    I’ve been to Canada in 2005 and I loved it! Besides the CN Tower, I’ve been to Casa Loma and it was really nice. Thumbs up for the waiters in Toronto: all very friendly! Old Quebec is also worth visiting – lovely little town! But I’m afraid I didn’t like Montreal that much.

    • makedospend says:

      We did look at going to the Casa Loma – it looked really interesting

      We stayed in Old Quebec (post to come) – and loved Montreal! Guess it’s not for everyone though :)

  2. Jess says:

    I’ve love to visit Tonronto! That resteraunt looks amazing. Concrete bear pit looks a bit grim though :(

    • makedospend says:

      The restaurant is definitely worth a visit if you do go

      I know what you mean… but they did have a big enclosure. I always feel a little odd about zoos…

  3. Amazing trip and cool photos! Next time I visit I’ll be sure to check out some of your suggestions ^_^

  4. Janey says:

    It’s been too long since I visited, so I’m excited that I might be going back in February! Eek!

    Great post :)

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