Do: Foodie Pen Pals, March


sent: This month I sent a little parcel to Kate from London, it was Kate’s first month of foodie pen pals so I wanted to tick all the boxes for a delicious parcel. A fellow bread baker, Kate requested healthy snacks with a preference for fruity and spiced flavours and teas. So I sent Kate the following homemade delights….. Sunflower seeds for growing – Kate has grown Basil and cacti from seed, which sounds pretty incredible to me! Ginger and lemon curd, loose rose petal tea, garlic and herb infused olive oil and some homemade granola to go with the lemon curd as a healthy breakfast snack.


received: A hand delivered box of goodies from the lovely Rachael. Swiss dark chocolate, my favourite brand -dark mernier, I cannot wait to bake with it…. delicious dried blueberries as a healthy snack- Rachael recommended these sprinkled on porridge with a little honey which proved quite delicious! Red pepper and chilli pesto, which I can’t wait to try folding into some homemade bread as Rachael suggested. Nasturtium to grow in the garden- C and I planted these last week and they are just beginning to peek through the soil….and last but not least, some lindor chocolates, which have all gone already!

So I did pretty well this month! Join in the fun here!

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2 thoughts on “Do: Foodie Pen Pals, March

  1. Love nasturtiums great for colour in salads, seeds can be pickled to make a fake capers and they are also a brilliant companion plant to compliment bassica vegetables the cabbage whites much perfer to munch away on.

    • makedospend says:

      I really want to have a go at pickled nasturtium seeds this year! Do you recommend a good recipe? x

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