Do: Slideluck

The Chocolate Factory, Format Festival

Yesterday I spent an evening enjoying some of the things I most love in the world – homemade food, stunning photography and interesting conversation!

Slideluck organise events that bring people together to share art using multi-media slideshows – and everyone who attends is encouraged to bring along a tasty dish (to create a potluck meal!)

On Saturday, to mark the end of Format – the international photography festival in Derby – the London branch of Sideluck relocated to the East Midlands for one night only

To start…

I went along with my friend Dimple who, unlike me, had managed to make a delicious offering of guacamole and nachos

On arrival (and once we’d navigated through Derby’s roundabouts) we were given tokens for free beer and headed straight for the table laden with all sorts of sweet and savoury snacks…!

Dimple's food at Slideluck

The venue was a former chocolate factory which has been used throughout the festival as a really effective exhibition space

We were warned to dress warmly – and I was definitely glad of my thermal layers after we’d been in the unheated building for a few hours (we weren’t lucky enough to borrow one of the hot water bottles that were floating about!)

Before the first screening and during the interval we had time to walk around and take a look at some of the photos on display

The Chocolate Factory, Format Festival The Chocolate Factory, Format Festival The Chocolate Factory, Format Festival

In my favourite area, images emailed in to Format from around the world had been printed onto sticker paper

We were invited to pick up a photo of our choice and stick it next to a group of other we felt shared a similar theme, idea, or image – on the walls, floors, doors, chairs – wherever!

The quality of the snaps was incredibly – so many striking and beautiful photographs…

IMG_0200IMG_0236 IMG_0237

For mains…

And, of course, there was the big screen!

We were treated to a range of slideshows organised into two 45 minute chunks, with each single work lasting more than four minutes

There was a really diverse offering in subject and style – which had been curated by Monica Allende, photo editor of The Sunday Times Magazine


Again, the quality of work was so great I can’t mentioned everything I liked, so just a few…

Suzie Blake’s dreamlike photos really reminded me of some of E’s lovely double exposure film shots (and she also made great banana cake!)

Fan Shi San’s work Two of Us explores China’s one child policy through a series of images which exude a feeling of loneliness

Catherin Colaw’s photographs of a naked female form distorted by positioning in natural landscapes are really compelling

And be sure to look at the slideshow produced by Dimple, of Kajal Nisha Patel‘s photos – it was great to see it on the big screen!

A great and inspiring event – and something I’ll definitely be looking out for in future!

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2 thoughts on “Do: Slideluck

  1. I love the luggage tags! I’m not sure what I can use the idea for, but I’m inspired, thanks – some beautiful photography and art :)

    • makedospend says:

      They were marking where certain photos had been taken on a large map of Derby – very clever!

      Every time I see a pack of luggage tags I feel compelled to buy them for crafting! Let us know what you decide to do

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